Roasted & Brewed is a smart mobile application that knows and recommends the user which coffee they should drink.

Many coffee drinkers these days do not know how much caffeine they are taking in after drinking their coffee. This results to many of them are not able to sleep and take in too much sugar. This application is important to help track and display the amount of caffeine and other nutritions of the coffee they are drinking.

Roasted & Brewed is a user friendly mobile application that helps you measure your coffee intake. This application recommends you on what type of coffee to consume based on your location’s time and weather. This application also lets you know and keep track on the amount of calories, sugar and caffeine you have consumed. Not only that, Roasted & Brewed will also let you know how much water you should drink according to the type of coffee you took as drinking too much coffee would cost dehydration.

Another feature from this app is the caffeine timer. Caffeine timer allows the users to input their desired amount of time they would like to stay awake or energized. The app will then recommend a drink which would suit the users’ allocated time on the caffeine timer. This would allow any caffeine overdose or insomnia. Roasted & Brewed is also a great app for new coffee drinkers because it will be able help them on keeping track with the amount of caffeine intake and also the content inside what they are drinking. Roasted & Brewed is also capable of gathering past records of drinks and display it in a chart form to show the users the caffeine or types of coffee they have taken over the period of time.

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Mobile Application


Flat vector design. 2 shades background.

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3


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(Said pretty much everything on the top)


This is a solo project so I was involved in both the design and technical for this mobile application. I designed everything in the mobile application and coded everything using ActionScript3 in Adobe Flash. I was also able to use the user's phone details to create different scenarios in the application.


This was the first mobile application that I have done so I was able to gain a lot from this. I was able to learn how to optimise a phone application that would work with variety of smartphones. I also learnt the current trends in mobile application designs.