Get Up & Run gets people off their seat to move around while having fun.

Teenagers these days do not get enough sleep or are having sleep deprivation. According to experts, exercise will help a person to have a better sleep, prevent physical ill and release stress. Hence, we’ve decided to create a challenging side-scrolling game experimented in a physical space which involves running and excitement.

Get Up & Run is a stand-alone side scrolling game experimented on a physical space. This interactive installation involves physical activities such as running.We use the idea of a virtual scrolling game which collaborate it with mouse interaction and projection mapping. in a physical space. This game will take place in a 2 dimensional space to enhance user experience during the physical activities. We plan to test the prototype mainly for one player only then increase to multiplayer ( 2 players ) for the final product for a better challenging game.

The rule of this game is very simple. User requires to control the character running away from the chef as fast as possible by avoiding the obstacles and collecting power boost along the journey. The game mechanism will gets harder as you exceed per level. The longer you survive in the game, the higher score you will earn. Moreover, each player will be given 3 lives to survive in this game.

Hours Spent
Tissue Paper Used
Project Version
Cups of Coffee
Software Used



Interactive Installation


Comic inspired humorous design.

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, ActionScript3


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This is an experimental project so we used this opportunity to observe users' behaviour towards this kind of physical activity. We were able to also test a side scrolling game on a physical space.


I was the logistic leader in a group of 4 for this project. I was incharge researching equipments that will suit this project. I also build the stands for the projector from scratch using PVC pipes and to make sure they are stable and does not look cheap. I also had to communicate with the technical leader to know what we have to use for the installation. I was able incharge of the overall look and feel of the installation to enhance the user experience


This was the first time I was incharge of the logisctic during an interactive installation project. This boosted my skills in DIYing with different materials and I became an expert in PVC pipes bulding.