Put Your Phone Down gets people to stop staring at their phones while being with other people by everybody sharing one screen.

Teenagers these days spent too much time on their mobile phone looking at that one screen. Many of us take it for granted on the people around us while we are eating together or just hanging out with each other. Many of us rather hang out in the virtual world rather than in reality. Liking photos on social network instead of praising the person right in front of us. Many teenagers are too used to chatting on social networks that they have lost the touch in communicating in real life situations which might sometimes results in social awkwardness.

Put Your Phone Down is an interactive installation art that aims to combines all screens into one screen. Teenagers are able to express themselves by choosing the mood they are feeling now to share to other people around them. Once they put their phone down on the screen, they will be able to interact with each others phone to produce different graphics and audio. More phones connected on the screen will be able to produce a better variety of music.

Hours Spent
Tissue Paper Used
Project Version
Cups of Coffee
Software Used



Interactive Installation


Abstract circular design.

Technology Used

Processing, Adobe Dreamweaver, Reactivision, CSS, Javascript, TUIO


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This project focuses on user’s expression of mood through adjusting music pieces with a marker display on their mobile screen. Users are required to enter a dedicated website to choose their mood, a marker that represent the mood will display full screen on their mobile screen with an instruction given to the user to face the screen down onto the touch table. Once the table detect the marker, a GUI will be generated surrounding the phone to allow user adjust the volume and the tempo the music piece.

Another uniqueness of this project is the social features during the “put down your phone” period. A series of GUI on the touch table will direct the users to move their device closer to other users to initiate extra features of graphical and the mixing of music pieces. Colour and shape will be the main element in the GUI design.


I was the team leader and technical leader for this project of 4 person. So I was involved in most of the aspects of the project. I was coded the whole installation piece using processing. The graphics on the interactive table was able generated using codes.


I learnt how to lead a team and how to delicate different team members with different roles for the project. I also learnt a few new softwares that were key to carry out this project. I developed more understanding and technical in programming using Processing. This project also thought me how to set up an interactive installation with all the hardwares needed for it to work properly and smoothly.