Ride Like Hell was founded in 1970 by 3 main members. President of the club is Kho Giin Yaw with the other 2 members being Jeremy Phun and Chee Sue Min. It started out as a small company which has grown to a multi-million company currently.

The year was 1989 when they started looking for a suitable location to establish a bicycle club. The Roti Telur Bawang Company had just completed construction of a company building at the present Club site in Shah Alam. Soon, with the co-operation and from the Company Authority, the site was formed into a bicycle club.

The Club was first registered as "Ride like Heaven" in December 1989. In the early years, the Club members invested in building a 1 story building, serving hundreds of members and visitors over the years.

In 1992, the Club's name was changed to "Ride like Hell". Further investment was made on the bicycle frames imported from Norway, allowing members and their guests to cycle in comfort and safety.

Ride like Hell has now more than 500 members spreading across East Malaysia. The membership has been expanding drastically every day.