Bringing the virtual wolrd to our world.

SPACER is an interactive installation project that brings a virtual world to a real physical space. This is done by combining a multiplayer space racing game with projection mapping to experiment something that is beyond your mouse, keyboard and screen. The projected platform space track does not just act as a visual canvas, but different depths and shapes of the surfaces that makes up the track interacts differently and manipulates the physics of the gameplay. Instead of just using visuals to tell the story, SPACER uses the projection mapped surfaces to also tell the story.

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Tissue Paper Used
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Software Used



Interactive Installation


Geometric design.

Technology Used

Unity3D, Programming C#, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.


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After being in a few interactive installation exhibitions and also being part of a few, I was inspired by the interaction of people with technology. Where curiosity brought them fun and laughters. This made the gap between people and technology much smaller. It was also able to bring many different types of people to interact with the installation regardless of age, gender or race.

This inspired SPACER to explore beyond your screen. Rather than just a flat surface, this creates a much bigger scale of a surface for people to share and explore. To hope to be able to bring the joy and happiness an interactive installation is able to bring. This also made it very important for SPACER to be a multiplayer game to allow more people to play the game and connect with each other.


One of the key main goal of this project was to keep the technology part of the project as simple as possible. To focus more on user experience rather than just the technology behind it. Therefore, there were only three softwares used to produce this project, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Unity3D. Illustrator was used to create, design and calculate the dimension of graphics for all the elements in the game. Adobe Photoshop was used to create sprite sheets for the animations seen in the project. While Unity3D was the game engine that I programmed and construct the game. Spacer was also programmed by C# inside Unity3D. The platform used for this project was on a 3D layout surface space using a projector to project on to create visuals on it. 2 gamepads were used as the controllers for this project. Both the gamepads controllers were also map differently to experiment on different type of input methods.


One of the key concept for this project was to make it budget friendly to use the simplest of things to achieve something much bigger. All the elements of tracks were from recycled materials while the projection mapping was achieved with just one projector. This is to simulate that anyone can achieve this easily with things they already have at home and to create a new thinking that creating virtual reality or augmented reality does not mean it must be costly or hard to achieve. Anybody can do it.